News And Events

May 9th, 2012

“My Way” Solo Tour 2012

Carlos will start his “Solo” tour “My Way” in July 2012.  If you have an event in July, August, September, or October and would like “Mr. Entertainer” Carlos Guzmán to perform, contact Paul Westbrook at (210) 401-1987 for open dates. The “My Way” solo tour will cover the Midwest starting in Chicago.

January 30th, 2012

The Beginning of The Dream Team Tour!

The tour of The Dream Team consisting of Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna, Carlos Guzman, Augustin Ramirez, Joe Bravo and Carlos Miranda started with a bang in the Rio Grande Valley (South Texas).  The response of the people was so incredible….. think about it….. to have the opportunity to experience six true legends from the Tejano industry performing their hits on the same stage.  Comments from many fans were like; “It brought back many great memories”, “We used to dance to their music” and in many cases, “We met the love of our lives at one of their dances.”

From the opening of the concert to the last song performed, fans were in awe and asking when and where the next concert would be.  Check back from time to time for future concert dates and locations.

Keep checking back with this website for the new release of The Dream Team CD.

October 8th, 2011

New CD Releases

CG Music is proud to announce the long awaited release of Carlos’s version of the Paul Anka song “My Way” in both English and Spanish. With over 50 years in the music and entertainment business, Carlos finally “did it his way” from the start of the production to the final mix of a very different mixture of songs and genres. From the ballads that Carlos is known for to a real surprise of a couple of songs you may have heard before but never in the “Sinaloa Banda” style, Carlos had total control of this production and after 50 years of recording many songs the way Record Company Producers wanted him to do it, Carlos says: “I did it my way”.


CG Music announced today the release of a compilation of songs recorded with Mariachi honoring various composers, amongst them Rafael Ramirez, E.J. Ledesma, Rodolfo de La Garza and others.  Carlos selected these songs and titled the CD “Mis Favoritas con Mariachi”, said Paul Westbrook, Guzman’s manager/producer.