Mark Salinas – Bio

A quiet, laid-back individual, Mark Salinas has been involved with music for the last 20 years. Currently living in South Texas, Salinas has been a part of numerous bands and performed at countless events over his short musical career. A keyboardist with influences in blues and jazz, Salinas has spent a majority of his musical life on stage until recently, deciding to place more emphasis into studio work creating and producing music. As musical director and associate producer for Carlos Guzman, Salinas is currently finalizing new material with producer Paul Westbrook for release on

Note: Over the past 40 years plus, I’ve worked with some of the best music directors from coast to coast and Mark gives me exactly what I want. He adds his creative input and seeks the artist’s input near the end of the project which all adds up to some of the best productions to date. Carlos and I both agree, Mark is not only a gifted music directer/arranger/producer, but a highly educated business man. Carlos and I are Blessed to work with Mark.

Paul Westbrook,

Managing Director for Carlos Guzmán