There are few artists today that can claim a career that spans over five decades and still be an icon in the entertainment industry. One of those artists is Carlos Guzmán (real name is Margarito Guzmán). Carlos was born in a small community in South Texas and has lived in the Rio Grande Valley most of his life.  He sang for several small groups before striking it big in 1964 with a song called “Vestida De Blanco”.  Loved by fans Worldwide, his Spanish version of Tiempo de Llorar (“Crying Time”) sold over one million records.

In the past fifty years, Carlos has recorded over forty albums and countless singles, both as a solo artist and as a member and leader of some of the top groups in the industry.

As an entertainer, Carlos is unequaled, both for his stage presence and his incredible voice.  Guzmán has performed in some of the most prestigious venues in the country such as Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Paladium, the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Gilleys in Pasadena and the Alamodome in San Antonio, as well as premier theaters and arenas in Mexico and Central/South America.

Having come from such humble beginnings, Carlos has been honored with numerous awards for his singing and performance styles, culminating with a Grammy in 2001 and continues to excite audiences across the country.

Guzmán has also appeared in a Soap Opera (originating from Mexico City) and movies with such notable actors as El Piporro, David Reynoso, Edward James Olmos,  Pedro Almendariz, Jr. and most recently with Francesco Quinn and Erin Moran in “Broken Promise, A South Texas Story”, which premiered in 2010.

As a television show host, he is unequaled with credits stretching from 1966 when he hosted the Falstaff Show, in the 70’s and 80’s as host of Fanfarria Falcon, and in the early 90’s with “Desde El Rio Grande”.

Carlos has been nonimated to the Grammys four different times. In 1998, together with Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna, and Augustin Ramirez (collectively known as “Las Leyendas“), he was nominated in the Tejano category. In 2001, Guzmán won the Grammy along with Las Leyendas. He was also nominated in 2005  as a solo artist to the Latin Grammys in the  Latin Gospal Category. Currently Guzmán is part of the Tejano Legends tour and has recorded a new CD “Otra Vez Raices” with the Legends, which was nominated for a Latin Grammy, 2007.

With all the recognition and all the accolades Guzmán has received over the years, Carlos remains the humble, dedicated community servant; performing for groups and organizations that range from children’s advocacy to traditional, historical society…. always with the same enthusiasm and dedication to excellence.

Carlos Guzmán, a proud, sincere man… dedicated to family, friends, and his fans, was never fazed by success or impressed by his own accomplishments.

and now, a note from Carlos…..


A special thanks to the following people that helped me in my life and in this Blessed journey: Enrique “Kike” Zamora y Los Continentales, Armando Hinojosa, Sr., Oscar Hernandez y Los Alegres Del Valle, Pedro Esquivel, Cuate Salinas, Armando Hinojosa Jr., Paulino Bernal, Los Fabulosos Cuatro – (Balde Munoz, Mel Villarreal, Ramiro De La Cruz “Snowball”, Armando Hinojosa, Jr., Juan Hinojosa, Herineo Garza), Arnaldo Ramirez, Sr., (Mr. Falcon), Rafael Ramirez, Nano Ramirez, Marco Ramirez, Ram y Los Impalas, Los Jovenes, Los Incas, Los Superjets, Grupo Tiempo, Super Express,  Grupo Sierra, Mario Montes, El Mariachi Vargas, El Mariachi Mexico, El Mariachi Oro y Plata, Freddie Martinez y familia, Sunny Ozuna, Augustin Ramirez, Frank Zuniga, Laura Canales, y todos los miembros de mi familia  y muy en especial a mi esposa, Melva.

After 46 years of composing songs for me, a special “Thank You” to E.J. Ledesma. EJ has been  a close friend and Carlos Guzmán supporter for all those years.

Here we are in 2010 and starting a new phase of my life…. Well, where do I start? I was content in enjoying my kids and grandkids until my (now) manager, Paul Westbrook came back into my life and asked why would I retire when I could sing as good as ever and still look pretty good? So, here we are World, I’m Back!

My new company consists of Melva Guzmán, Rafael “Kelly” Guzmán, Jorge Guzmán, Hortencia Rodriguez, Artemio Caceres, Luca Tortora, Mark Salinas (my musical director), and Paul Westbrook (my Personal Manager). A big “Thank you” to Jay Caballero of RGV Photography for the background photos on all pages and David Cid for his help in video production.

And last, but certainly not least, I thank God for this wonderful life and His Blessings. I hope I can be all that He would want me to be…….