“Broken Promise” is a movie shot in South Texas about a Mexican-American family in the 60′s where the son was trying to break into the rock ‘n roll music scene. Carlos plays the father of the featured actor.

The Tejano Academy of Fine Arts gave the “Lifetime Achievement Award” to Carlos in August of 2005.

Entertainer of The Year 1977 presented by Falcon Records.

This is the Movie Mask that Carlos wore in the movie “El Segundo”.

KEDA Baile Locutores 1967

Grammy Nominee Medals

Mr. Entertainer Award presented to Carlos by the National Hispanic Martial Arts Association in April 1996.

This Award was presented to Carlos for the 1st International Festival competition of Mariachis,

February, 2003.

3rd Anual Christian Hispanic Music Song of the Year Award presented in 2005.